-  a place in cyberspace that aims to help visitors find happiness now and everyday.

We believe that
  • everyone can find his/her own happiness regardless of circumstances in life;
  • happiness is not contingent on achieving something or arriving at a better state, stage or place, rather it is a state of being happy right now;
  • making happiness-seeking a habit facilitates the realization that it actually comes from within.
Therefore, WANNABEHAPPYNOW.COM is not just a catchy name for a website.  It is a statement based on the belief that being happy is
  • a desirable state of being (it is good for us)
  • a natural human need (everyone desires it)
  • achievable now (everyone can be in it)

Site Features

Our Daily Happiness Tips are based on our own experiences on what works for us and people we know.  These are also validated in the works of people in the know in the field of positive psychology.

The Daily Thank You is based on our practice of nightly gratitude ritual with the family.  Reflecting on the positive things that happens everyday helped us realize that life is good, despite setbacks.  Similarly, posting what you are thankful for daily will focus your attention on the goodness and beauty of your lives.  Moreover, sharing it to everyone promotes positive feelings and acknowledgment that good things indeed happen around us.

In Happiness Is..., you are encouraged to share what happiness means to you personally.  Because it is often contextual, you can post as many times as you like and as often as a meaning occurs to you.

Finally, Daily Laughs is up and running.   This page features jokes, funny quotes, songs, photos, cartoons, and other stuffs that made us laugh, giggle or smile.  We encourage submissions from you so everyone can share in the laughter daily.  As a segment of Daily Laughs, we will also soon launch It's Pinoy Joke Time to cater to the unique Filipino humor.

Articles and other resources will also be added as the website grows.

So join us and take the initial steps in fulfilling a vision of a happy peoples, communities, nations, and world.  Start by declaring that "I... you... we all WANNA BE HAPPY NOW!"
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